Established in 2015, Mr. & Mrs. Bun is a restaurant inspired by families living in Miami. We wanted to create a place where everyone could find something delicious to eat while enjoying the company of their loved ones.

Through the years, the restaurant has received recognitions such as been selected as # 6 by Yelp in their 100 restaurants ranking in 2018 and has been featured by Miami New Times and The Food Network. Also, foodies as Guy Fieri (@guyfieri), Mayra (@ieatz305), Augusto Cesar (@foodandula), Sam (@biteofmia) and Sergio & Libna (@peanuttandjelly), among others, have tried our sandwiches and desserts, they loved them!

The chef, Gian Carlo Accienlli, takes special care with the selection of the ingredients used in each one of the dishes. All of our plates are prepared with love and dedication: the result is an explosion of flavor in the mouth satisfying all your cravings even if you want to stay healthy.