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Roasted Potatoes with Garlic and Parsley

Skin on potatoes wdges oven roasted and sauteed with garlic and parsley.


Sweet Potato Fries

Hand cut sweet potatoes fried and served with blueberry kétchup.


Aji de Gallina Bites

shredded chicken with creamy yellow pepper and cheese sauce mixed with white rice fired


Maple Cummin Corn

Corn on the cob roasted with maple and cumin butter.


Pop pork "Chicharrones"

Pork skin fry and sauteed in truffle oil, smoke paprika, and lemon juice.


French Fries

Hand cut potatoes fries



Empanada de Asado

Homemade dough baked to order with crunks of slow cooked eyeround roast.


Empanada de Spinach Alfredo

Homemade dough baked to order filled with spinach Alfredo.


Empanada de Aji de Gallina

Homemade dough baked to order with shredded chicken mix with yellow pepper sauce.


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